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After the October 7th Massacre, all of our Army Reservists were mobilized. We began receiving phone calls from our boys on the front line to send them food, as they were getting sick of tuna. We put together a care package which happened to contain a few packages of beef jerky. Subsequently, we received a call to


as it is the perfect food for the boys on the front lines.

We began working with a couple of local Chefs who had been producing beef jerky in small quantities, and within days we were flooded with calls to send even more. What began as a small family support group, quickly grew into a huge neighborhood campaign within

Through the tireless efforts of our chefs and over 140 volunteers, we have already distributed beef jerky meals to over 25,000 IDF soldiers and Zaka members since the beginning of the operation “Iron Sword”.

Our beef jerky is a game changer for those putting their lives on the line to protect the Land of Israel, particularly in remote locations of the country, such as Gaza, and the Northern Border.
“Beef Up Our Boys” jerky goes beyond sustenance. Each lightweight bag of protein-rich meat readily fits into a soldier’s or Zaka member's clothing and includes heartfelt messages and handwritten notes that embody the spirit of the Jewish people. We’ve even included the correct blessing on every bag, as a gentle reminder that EVERYTHING comes from Hashem.

The phones at “Beef Up Our Boys&" literally ring off the hook with requests for more beef jerky. By tirelessly working for the welfare of our fighters, we daily produce and distribute about 1,000 bags of beef jerky. With word quickly spreading about the quality and need of our product, we not only continuously receive first-time requests but also returnees asking for more. It is now clear to all who have received our beef jerky that it profoundly helps those serving and protecting Eretz Yisroel with
their strength and concentration while in the field.


Beef jerky is not just a “nice treat” (though it is), but also a game changer for Israel’s protectors. This campaign runs exclusively on donations to Please help improve the lives and health of our dear IDF soldiers and Zaka members by donating generously.

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